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Tired of STRUGGLING to convert all your PLR articles into VIDEOS that don't SUCK?

Download These 10 . Juicing Videos

That People Actually WANT To WATCH!

And Make It Child's Play To Get Them To Buy "Through Your Link" Today!

Videos INCLUDE Private Label Rights [PLR]

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Attention Affiliate and Niche Marketers...

Video Content is Queen!

YouTube now has 1 billion daily visitors AND 5 billion daily views.

That's B for “billion” and B for “booyah!”

That's a LOT of eyeballs…

People just like YOU not only WANT good video… they EXPECT it too.

Gone are the days when a blog with article post after article post, all with WRITTEN content ONLY, can engage visitors to stay around long enough to actually read everything (gasp) and then finally “click on your link.”

Those days are gone…




They want to be entertained… they want to be educated

And sometimes, they just need to pass some time mindlessly…

And VIDEO is the way that they do that.

On their computers, on their tablets, and especially on their phones, people all over the world are WATCHING VIDEO for ALL these reasons.

And don't YOU want them watching YOUR videos?

But here's the 3 sad realities about VIDEO CREATION...

Sad Video Creation Reality

Making high-quality videos from “scratch” that people will actually watch takes TIME.


Most people like YOU don't have the time to make these videos.

Sad Video Creation Reality

Making high-quality videos also requires top notch PLR articles that you can convert from text into VIDEO.

And even though YOU probably have 100's if not 1000's of PLR articles sitting on your hard drive right now, let me ask you this question?

How many videos have you made so far?

If you've made even just ONE VIDEO from all the PLR sitting on your computer hard drive right now, congratulations!

For everyone else, it's the same old story.

So MANY PLR articles, so LITTLE TIME to do anything with them.

Especially so little time to MAKE VIDEOS.

Sad Video Creation Reality

“Push-Button” video creation solutions are NOT as “1-2-3 Magical” as they tell you they will be.

So maybe in the past you've bought “push-button” video makers that “magically” make videos.

But no matter if they convert text to speech and add images to them or if they use “other people's videos” and smash them together to make some kind of “frankenvideo”…

Even if they make you some kind of “videos” that you can use, here's a question you need to ask yourself…

Who will actually WATCH these VIDEOS?

They are mediocre at best, with either NO voice or a “robo-voice” which, no matter HOW MUCH they say it is “life-like”, it's not.


What you need is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT...

a DONE-FOR-YOU solution.

Today... You Can Grab This

10-Pack of . Juicing PLR Videos

in a High-Demand Buyer's Niche


Video Content Pack Volume 1

Healthy Juicing PLR

Here's Exactly What You Get With Each Video In This 10-Video Set

You will get (with each PLR video):

Here are ALL 10 PLR Videos in FULL...
You Can Watch Them ALL Right NOW!

Here Are FULL Demo Versions of ALL 10 PLR Videos


 The demo videos are a lower resolution (640×360) and include an audio mark, a logo watermark, a “DEMO SAMPLE” watermark, and a “VideoContentPack.com” watermark as well.

The ACTUAL VIDEOS will be rendered at 720p resolution (1280×720) and be completely UNBRANDED.

PLR Video #1:

Play Video

4 Tips For Joining The Juicing Lifestyle

PLR Video #2:

Play Video

5 Important Juicing Questions

PLR Video #3:

Play Video

Juicing Basics - Equipment You Will Need

PLR Video #4:

Play Video

Questions to Ask When Buying a Juicer

PLR Video #5:

Play Video

Questions to Consider When Buying a Blender

PLR Video #6:

Play Video

The 3 Best Types of Juice

PLR Video #7:

Play Video

The 7 Benefits of Juicing

PLR Video #8:

Play Video

The Juicer's Guide to Staying Organized

PLR Video #9:

Play Video

The Truth About the Sugar Content in Fruit Juices

PLR Video #10:

Play Video

When to Juice and When to Blend

Make no mistake about it...

These are HIGH-QUALITY PLR VIDEOS through and through.

And these 10 PLR videos are light years beyond those old boring and bad videos with the red text on a white background with a boring voice over.

Even better... the hard work is already done for you.

Just brand them, upload them, and start using them.

Did You Know You Can Make BIG MONEY in the Healthy Juicing Niche?

There are so many ways that people who are looking to become more healthy can get involved in juicing.

And these same people are also looking to BUY the things that they need to get involved in juicing.

There are SO MANY affiliate marketing opportunities when selling to the juicing niche.

You can drive massive amounts of YouTube traffic from these videos by branding them, uploading them and then using them to drive traffic back to your website or to affiliate offers on:

1)  Clickbank.com
2)  Amazon.com
3)  Walmart.com
4)  Ebay.com
5)  And many others

Why the Juicing Niche?

More than ever before, America (as well as the rest of the world) can admit that unhealthy eating is out of control on a world-wide basis.

From a study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, only 2.7% of U.S. adults are actually maintaining all four conditions of a healthy lifestyle:
1)  Avoiding smoking/drugs
2)  Eating well
3)  Exercising; and
4)  Maintaining healthy body fat levels

This amazingly depressing study continues by listing the top reasons why people continue to follow an unhealthy lifestyle:
1)  Lack of time to exercise
2)  Not having time to cook
3)  Marketing of unhealthy food
4)  Lack of access to healthy foods

However, for the last 20 years, juicing education and juicing technology have increased quick accessibility to healthy fruits and vegetables.

This makes Juicing the PERFECT Niche to be in NOW!

But Wait... There's MORE!


111 High-Resolution Royal-Free Juicing Stock Images

I've put together a collection of over 100 photos that are PERFECT for the juicing niche.  These will work GREAT on blogs, social media posts, and anywhere else you need top quality photos about juicing.


111 Ready-To-Go YouTube Thumbnails (Cropped to 1280x720)

In this BONUS I've taken ALL the photos from Bonus #1 and Cropped and Resized them so they are ready-to-go as YouTube thumbnails right now.  This will save you TONS of time from having to crop and resize each and every one of these photos by yourself.  You're welcome!


Never Before Seen Training


Since I recommend that you should have your videos BRANDED before you start using them and uploading them, I will provide FREE TRAINING on how you can brand your videos… for FREE.

I found a software online (available for Mac AND PC) that you can download, install, and start using to brand your videos.
I will show you how to add a logo AND a website name to your videos.

It's a series of step-by-step videos showing you the bare bones of what you need to know to get the job done.

OK Steve, Sounds Good To Me... How Much?

Well… when you take a look at all the TIME and EFFORT that has gone into creating this offer, you have to realize that the COST here is AMAZING.  In fact, let's do a quick add-up of the ACTUAL COST of what you are getting today.

What You Are Getting

Ten (10) High-Quality Professional PLR Videos

111 High-Resolution Royal-Free Stock Photos

111 YouTube-Ready Royalty-Free Stock Photos

'How To Brand Your Videos... For FREE!' Training






$ 97.00


That's OVER $800.00 in actual COST to make up this offer.  But don't faint yet… because I have a deal for you.  The truth is, if I were going to sell this package of content to only ONE person, this is what I would charge them.


But since I'm going to be sharing this content pack with ALL of you today, I'm going to give you a deal like you've never seen before.  And in truth, I really like to over-deliver, and I'm going to do so today.

I also want to blow you away with the value and quality of this content, the videos, the images, AND the training.  And what better way to do this than by making you an offer you CAN'T refuse.

Act NOW, and you'll get this entire package of Video Content Pack Volume 1 – Healthy Juicing PLR (and ALL of the bonuses above) for the the AMAZING LOW PRICE of JUST…


But don't take too long to decide here today… because this is a SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE.

This price WILL rise to $27 when the timer below hits zero

This Offer DOUBLES in Price in:


To Your Amazing Online Success,

PLR License For All Videos

Here are the PLR license terms that you must follow for all of these videos:

[YES] Can be edited and/or modified in any way
[YES] Can be used on your blogs, sites, etc.
[YES] Can be uploaded onto social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

[NO] Cannot be given away or sold at any price (non-transferable PLR)
[NO] Cannot be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot use my name as creator

And just in case you might have some further questions...


Actually, I do not.  I have provided all the videos (in FULL) for you to watch.  I've also provided a thumbnail for ALL the stock photos you will receive with your purchase today.

You can see EXACTLY what you are getting when you buy today.

Also, it's impossible to ‘return' digital downloads.  Once someone buys and downloads, there is NO way to really ‘return' them.

I recommend that everyone brand their videos before they upload them anywhere because nowadays, it's very easy to ‘steal' videos.

The only way to protect your investment in these videos is to make them YOURS.

And the way you do that is by adding your logo AND your website name to ALL your videos so people can't steal them by downloading them from YouTube or other places that you upload your videos.

This guarantees that EVERYONE who buys these videos will get their FULL VALUE.

Actually, I did ALL the voice-overs for ALL the videos in this offer.

With the stock photos you get FULL rights to do pretty much what you want with them.

You ONLY get PERSONAL USE Rights.  You can only watch and learn from the training.

All 10 videos PLUS all the BONUSES will cost $12.95 and after the initial launch period it will increase to $27.

Here are the PLR license terms that you must follow for all of these videos:

[YES] Can be edited and/or modified in any way
[YES] Can be used on your blogs, sites, etc.
[YES] Can be uploaded onto social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

[NO] Cannot be given away or sold at any price (non-transferable PLR)
[NO] Cannot be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot use my name as creator

Please don't worry about this.  I'm ALWAYS available to help you out if you have any problems.  Just send me a quick email to support@stevechaseproductions.com and I'll get things all squared away for you.

This price WILL rise to $27 when the timer below hits zero

This Offer DOUBLES in Price in:


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